The Solutions30 group offers an activity dedicated to carrying out technical interventions on
security & safety installations, systems and equipment.

A partner to security companies tasked with protecting goods and persons, Securi 30 provides national, in-field support via an industrialization process based on its considerable expertise.

Securi 30 technicians intervene daily for the benefit of businesses and private individuals alike. Their missions consist in providing the following services: installation, deployment, intervention & maintenance visits, user training and beginners' instruction.

We offer an extensive range of skill areas:

- Intrusion detection
- Video protection
- Access control
- Fire detection
- Protection and individual alarm systems
- Home automation, PA and emergency sound, security key cabinets
- And all other systems used as part of security/safety solutions and equipment

SECURI 30 technicians guarantee taking immediate action to support our partners' customers via a single entry point – our call centre, available 24/7/365.

Quality, flexibility and speed are the three mainstays of our network.

SECURI 30 offers high value-added services to its customers and partners:

- Professionals who are at hand and ready to listen
- More than 1000 technicians across France
- National central inventory management
- More than 90 delivery points throughout France
- Optimised, real-time operation of activities via a single IT system
- Comprehensive operational reporting