Since its founding, SOLUTIONS 30 Group has led a development policy that considers environmental, social and ethical challenges.

The Group has implemented a plan that draws on 7 key commitments:

  1. Because we know our customers care, we are committed to the highest level of corporate social responsibility. Putting the interests of consumers and customers first
  2. Because the planet’s natural resources are precious and we are the stewards of the environment for future generations, we are committed to environmental sustainability. Protecting the environment
  3. Because our suppliers and subcontractors are vital links in the quality and ethics chain, we are committed to building sustainable trust-based relations with all our partners. Acting fairly and responsibly in the market
  4. Because our teams are the power behind our business, ensuring our financial and material investments grow and flourish, we are committed to fostering excellent employee relations. Valuing our people
  5. Because we believe in diversity and inclusion, in the importance of respect and in upholding the principles of fundamental rights, we are committed to building an inclusive and great place to work. Respecting fundamental rights
  6. Because our organisation is part of the economic, social and cultural ecosystem, we are committed to communities. Aligning the organisation’s interests with the general good
  7. Because effective decision-making and control of risk are the hallmarks of good governance, we are committed to excellence in corporate governance. Transparent decision-making and control