The Audit Committee is a standing committee of the Supervisory Board, which main purpose is assisting the Supervisory Board with supervising and monitoring the Group Management Board of the Company by overseeing, advising and preparing decisions on the following specific matters:

  • financial administration and accounting;
  • internal risk management and control system;
  • corporate accounting and reporting practices; and
  • quality and integrity of financial report.

The Audit Committee consists of at least two members and is currently composed of the following members: Mr. Yves KERVEILLANT (Chairman), Mrs Pascale MOURVILLIER. Both of them are independent.

Yves Kerveillant


Yves Kerveillant is a graduate of HEC and holds the diploma of Chartered Accountant. Prior to joining the Equideals consulting firm and taking over its presidency in 2009, Yves headed for over 20 years a leading group of accounting firms. In parallel, he is the statutory auditor of 80 companies, several of which are listed on the stock market. His areas of expertise include business development assistance, advice on M&A related to small or medium firms as well as the elaboration of recovery and restructuring plans.

Pascale Mourvillier


Pascale Mourvillier began her career in auditing at Arthur Andersen. She then specialized in IFRS at the Compagnie Nationale des Commissaires aux Comptes (CNCC – National Company of Auditors) and worked as a technical advisor at Acteo. In 2005, she joined Suez as head of the IFRS expertise division and for 10 years she helped the group carry out many strategic transactions. Since 2014, she serves as an independent financial reporting consultant for many mid-caps and large corporations. She has been a member of the SFAF Accounting Commission since 2004 and a Director of the SFAF since the end of 2018.