The Solutions30 Supervisory Board announces the findings of the independent investigation which confirm the unfounded and erroneous nature of the accusations against the company

Mandated by the Solutions30 Supervisory Board to shed light on all the allegations made against the Company, Deloitte, with the support of Didier Kling Expertise & Conseil for the accounting part, has delivered the findings of their work.

They confirm the unfounded and erroneous nature of the accusations. The independent auditors also made recommendations to simplify and strengthen some of the Company’s internal procedures for greater transparency and transaction security.

Alexander Sator, Chairman of the Solutions30 Supervisory Board said, “Solutions30 and its leaders have been the subject of very serious accusations that the independent audit has fully rejected. We renew our full confidence in management which will continue to accelerate the transformation undertaken since 2019 to meet Solutions30’s strong growth journey and align the Group with the best standards of the industry and the SBF120 index.”

Since its creation, Solutions30 has been a fast-growing Company and has structured itself at each major stage of its development around very solid fundamentals. Since 2019, the Group has initiated major restructuring projects related to its governance, operational excellence, financial reporting, and compliance, which in particular resulted in its listing on the Euronext regulated market in 2020. Today, the appointment of a Chief Transformation Officer at the highest level of the management will accelerate these changes with the launch of a new phase in its transformation.

Gianbeppi Fortis, Chief Executive Officer, underlined: “Over the past few months, in the face of repeated attacks, Solutions30 has been able to count on the support of its employees, its customers, and a large part of its long-term shareholders. I would like to extend my sincere thanks to them. Solutions30 is built on strong fundamentals and has grown extremely fast since its creation. Today, our ambitions remain intact. We will accelerate our transformation efforts and strengthen our internal processes to support our long-term growth.”

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