Solutions30 has been the target of a destabilisation campaign for several days, originating from an anonymous report that has been publicly relayed, on several occasions, by an activist fund. The latter, which has been betting on the fall of the Solutions30 share for over a year now, is largely benefiting from the current manoeuvres.

At the moment, Solutions30’s share price no longer reflects the fundamentals nor the operational reality of one of Europe’s most successful mid-sized companies with 7,000 employees and 4,000 subcontractors in Europe – of which two-thirds are based in France.

In this context, the company, as always, will continue to conduct a transparent and sincere financial communication, fostering direct and regular dialogue with its investors. However, the company will no longer echo public invectives, allegations, and biased questions.

More than ever, the company is focused on delivering on its commitments, addressing the important needs of its customers and pursuing its development.

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