Statement in reaction to the cancellation by the SFAF of its meeting “The Solutions30 case: lessons for financial regulation”

At no point did Solutions30 or its advisors request or seek the cancellation or postponement of the SFAF meeting, and this is clear from the letter sent to the SFAF (available here).

On the contrary, Solutions30 asked to be present at this meeting or at least to be informed of its content, in the spirit of fairness and transparency.

To support this legitimate request, its legal counsel recalled the repeated and unfounded accusations Carson Block has made against Solutions30 over the past several months and the odd coincidence that this SFAF meeting was scheduled to take place immediately after the highly awaited Solutions30 general meeting.

As a result, the SFAF was fully informed and made its own decision, which, once again, had never been requested by the company in the first place.

Download: Press Release