Putting the best of digital technology in your hands

When you talk about technology today, general IT is always involved to a certain degree. From IT hardware like notebooks or workstations to general infrastructure and web servers. IT is the backbone of every enterprise and economy. When technological progress happens, IT is always a part of it. Sometimes quite obviously, like the devices attached to your computer. Sometimes it’s more behind the scenes, when server structures and algorithms do the math for us to keep our projects running.


As processes become more and more digital, IT constantly gets more important in each aspect of our lives. Digitization, robotics, industry 4.0… IT has to reinvent itself over and over again. And it often feels like the pace of change keeps accelerating with each new year. To stay ahead, you need to have the right partner by your side. Someone like a Solutions30 service engineer. Because we know all about the latest trends and how to make IT run for you.

And whatever comes next, Solutions30 will always find a solution to make new technologies work for you and not against you! No matter what service you require and to what extent. Besides hardware installation and maintenance, we are also a trusted partner when it comes to outsourcing. From contract based outsourcing to outsourcing your complete OEM service or your help & support desk. Solutions30 is the solution.

What we offer:

  • Installation and maintenance of IT hardware incl. connectivity (notebooks, workstations, smartphones…)

  • Installation and maintenance of IT infrastructures and servers

  • Implementation of Automatized Robotic Processes (ARP)

  • Internet of Things (IoT) deployment and maintenance

  • TOTEM / KIOSK design, manufacturing, installation & maintenance

  • Console creation for data analytics

  • Logistics of spare parts and systems

Where you can count on

our IT Solutions: