Offering the best customer experience is our priority

Digital transformation is happening to various degrees in multiple areas of our lives. Some sectors are already highly digital and some are still in the early stages of their transformation. New technologies are being used by more and more people and are playing an increasingly important role in our lives. Network capacity, availability, capillarity and dependency will accelerate exponentially in a digital and connected world.

At Solutions30, providing the best customer experience every day is our priority. We provide one-stop-shop solutions for our clients’ everyday problems in our five key industries: Telecommunications, IT, Security, Energy and Retail. From installation to assistance and customer support,we provide our customers with solutions for new technologies.


Services for high-speed internet connections & communications


Installation and maintenance support for IT hardware, infrastructure & processes


Technical Support for security and safety installations, systems & equipment


Services around smart meters, smart grids & smart buildings


Expertise on installation and maintenance of payment terminals (POS) & cash machines