Contributing to a more sustainable economy

The transition to a more sustainable world requires collective awareness and commitment from all stakeholders. Digital technologies facilitate responsible practices and sustainable consumption patterns: connected homes, smart cities and electric vehicles promote energy savings and help to protect natural resources. By helping its customers to install and integrate technologies that reduce their environmental footprint, SOLUTIONS30 is contributing to the development of a more sustainable and responsible economy.

The SOLUTIONS30 model also inherently reduces resource consumption: technicians work close to their homes and the constant optimization of schedules reduces mileage travelled, thus shrinking the carbon footprint.

SOLUTIONS30 is also an employer committed to training: at the end of 2022, the group employed nearly 7,307 people. SOLUTIONS30 is one of the most important recruiters in some regions. To support its growth and constantly incorporate new skills, the group has created a vast training program that allows it to hire young people without degrees or people undergoing professional retraining, significantly improving their employability. In 2022, 183,274 hours of training were provided in SOLUTIONS30 training centers, through e-learning modules, or in collaboration with customers and local authorities (Pôle Emploi, the French State’s employment agency).