We provide the right solutions

At Solutions30 our primary task is to make our customers’ lives easier when it comes to new technologies. With more than 16,000 service engineers, we make sure that things around you work the way they are supposed to. From installation to maintenance to general assistance – we provide the right solutions to get things going and keep things going.

Handling more than 80,000 service calls per day, our network of experts and engineers is available for our clients in nine European countries. Our network has grown consistently since the group was founded in 2003: from France and Belgium to Luxembourg, the Netherlands, Germany, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Poland and most recently United Kingdom. We provide one-stop-shop solutions for our clients’ everyday problems in five main industries: Telecommunications, IT, Security, Energy, and Retail.

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We deliver our digital support solutions to end-clients, both individuals and professionals, mostly on behalf of larger telecom and digital OEM companies. Our clients include telecom operators for high-speed broadband installation services, utility companies for the installation and maintenance of smart meters and energy-related devices, and retail companies of all sizes for the installation of and assistance with payment systems and POS terminals. The range of services we offer grows day by day. Whenever new digital technologies enter the market, we make sure we come up with the right solutions for them.

Today, Solutions30 is the market leader in Europe. With an extensive support network across the continent and an optimized system and processes to manage it, we deliver the right solutions to our customers’ technological problems both effectively and efficiently. And we are constantly expanding our services to new regions, to ensure our engineers can assist our customers as fast as possible.

Number of Connected Objects
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Multiplication by 10-20



Services for high-speed internet connections & communications


Installation and maintenance support for IT hardware, infrastructure & processes


Technical Support for security and safety installations, systems & equipment


Services around smart meters, smart grids & smart buildings


Expertise on installation and maintenance of payment terminals (POS) & cash machines