At Solutions30, we are convinced that good corporate governance is essential to earning trust among our shareholders, business partners and employees. We streamline our daily efforts in accordance with the values and principles our company stands for. Good corporate governance therefore is a key part of our general corporate strategy.

The corporate governance model adopted by our company is reflecting our long-term strategy and is based on the principles of integrity, transparency and responsibility that we are committed to apply at all levels. In such a context, we attach great importance to compliance not only with mandatory legal rules but also with internationally accepted best practices.

Thus, our decision-making process is designed to serve the interests of all stakeholders through implementation of the appropriate and efficient procedures in terms of risk management, prevention of conflicts of interest, as well as by promoting comprehensive dialogue and reporting of the company’s employees to senior management and of senior management to the shareholders.

In order to meet these objectives, Solutions30 has adopted a two-tier governance system, composed of the Group Management Board and of the Supervisory Board. Our Group Management Board is entrusted with the company’s operation and general affairs, while the Supervisory Board has a general oversight function over the most strategic matters affecting the company.

In addition, these two main corporate bodies are assisted by dedicated committees to whom special duties have been delegated. Thus, our Group Management Board is assisted by two executive committees, being the Country Executive Committee and the Group Executive Committee whereas our Supervisory Board comprises three sub-committees, being respectively the Nominations and Remuneration Committee, the Audit Committee and the Strategy Committee.

The principles and rules of our corporate governance are outlined in separate charters to which the respective members of each corporate body have adhered.

Finally, to support and guide our employees, officers and directors in the implementation of our good corporate governance, our Group Management Board put in place appropriate codes of conduct and comprehensive policies.


Supervisory board

Group Management board


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