Costumized POS Solutions

Retail operations never sleep. Point of sales equipment and all the related hardware, software, and telecommunication infrastructure has to work all the time.

When things break down, sales are lost and customers are unhappy. Solutions30 has the perfect solutions to keep retail businesses on track. We offer a full set of online and on-site services to make sure that retail digital infrastructures are always up and running.

From performance-based contracts to managed services and staff augmentation, our retail services are the right solution to ensure that retail operations run efficiently. After installation, we make sure systems are running smoothly 24/7. To make that happen, we guarantee the availability of our service engineers at all times.

What we offer:

  • Installation, maintenance, and remote troubleshooting of POS equipment

  • Self check-out technology deployment and maintenance

  • Installation and maintenance of digital signs

  • Complete store digital infrastructure deployment and maintenance

  • Logistics for spare parts and equipment

Where you can count on our Retail Solutions: