Connecting you with the rest of the world

Telecom operators keep upgrading their infrastructure so we can get fast internet service whenever we need it – at home, at the office, or in the streets.

We are living in a fully connected world and telecommunications is just an everyday thing for us. It’s something that has always been there and we hardly even consider it technology anymore. As long as it works.

When it doesn’t, we want it fixed as soon as possible. Millions of people nowadays need help and telecom operators spend billions to fix their problems.

Solutions30 is the best partner for telecom operators. Leveraging our large network of service engineers, we are capable of getting to the clients in no time and making sure technology keeps working the way it’s supposed to.

What we offer:

  • Installation of DSL, COAX, FTTH connections

  • Assistance using communications equipment

  • Deployment of telecommunication infrastructure

  • Client maintenance: residential and business

  • Logistics services

Where you can count on our Telecom Solutions: