Strong momentum for growth persists

Solutions30 has an exceptional market position, which has powered strong growth since the company was founded. For a better understanding of our corporate development, key financial figures from the latest full year report compared to the four previous years are shown below.

Adjusted EBITDA

2013-2017: Lux Gaap
2018-2020: IFRS



Key Figures

ESSENTIAL KEY FIGURES (EUR million) 2023 2022
Revenue 1057.0 904.6
Adjusted EBITDA * 74.6 46.7
Adjusted EBIT** 22.6 -0.3
Net income (group share) -22.7 -50.1
Equity 124.6 145.3
Number of Shares (in millions) 107 107
Number of Employees (of consolidates companies) 7,053 7,307

*Earnings before interest, taxes, depreciation, and amortization, as well as non-recurring income and expenses

**Operating income before amortization of customer relationships, including customer relationships, and non-recurring income and expenses