Our CSR Vision: a pragmatic approach to create sustainable development

At the heart of our activity is the journey to a more sustainable economy, as we help clients and their customers to become more efficient and therefore to reduce impact and resources consumption in favour of sustainable development and value creation.

We aim at a concrete and holistic approach to environmental, social and governance issues, taking into consideration all our stakeholders.

As part of our sustainable development policy, we are committed to implementing our CSR strategy according to the following main six principles:

• Develop innovative services with lower environmental impact, contributing to a more circular and sustainable economy;
• Always strive for excellence in the safety and security of people and properties;
• Promoting youth employment and developing human potential through training and education;
• Guarantee the best relationships with stakeholders through transparency and engagement;
• Sustain a culture of integrity in the Group;
• Involve our suppliers and partners in our CSR effort through communication, interaction and active listening.

To promote systematic and enterprise-wide CSR activities, Solutions30 established a steering committee for CSR and ESG matters. It comprises of a member of the Executive Committee, investor relations and managers from the operating subsidiaries. It can use additional resources from the Group where necessary and is overseen by the CEO.

Besides, SOLUTIONS30 has a large network of employees responsible for managing issues related to the topics led by the steering committee and ultimately implemented through Group management. At the same time, country management teams are being informed by the responsible Executive Committee member about their role and responsibilities in the implementation of the Group’s sustainability strategy.

As a responsible company, SOLUTIONS30 is committed to focusing on Corporate Social Responsibility as well as Environmental, Social and Governance issues in everyday business and actions, therefore, is constantly working on improving its CSR strategy and ESG reporting practices.