Undisputed market leader in with strong growth momentum

Solutions 30 is the leading provider of DOS services (digital outsourced support services) in Europe. With more than 8,000 service engineers, the company offers installation and assistance services for its clients throughout Europe and handles more than 40,000 service calls per day. Solutions 30 currently covers seven European countries: Belgium, France, Germany, Italy, Luxembourg, the Netherlands and Spain.

One-stop-shop solutions for five main industries

The company provides one-stop-shop solutions for technical service calls in five main industries: Telecommunications, IT, Security, Energy and Retail. The services are delivered mostly on behalf of large technology companies, such as telecom operators, utilities, IT and security hardware manufacturers and integrators, and retailers.

Solutions 30’s regional coverage and presence in multiple verticals is driving growth in new industries. This is a result of organic growth but also through sustainable M&A. The company generates revenue in excess of €400 million with an EBITDA margin of more than 9%. The shares of Solutions 30 SE are listed on Euronext Growth in Paris (ISIN FR0013188844, Ticker Symbol ALS30) as well as on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange on the XETRA e-listing system (FR0013379484 – code 30L2). Solutions 30’s shares belong to the following indexes: MSCI Europe Small Cap | Tech40 | CAC PME. 

Learn more about our business units:


Services for high-speed internet connections & communications


Installation and maintenance support for IT hardware, infrastructure & processes


Technical Support for security and safety installations, systems & equipment


Services around smart meters, smart grids & smart buildings


Expertise on installation and maintenance of payment terminals (POS) & cash machines