Almost every day, new technologies become a part of our daily lives. Claiming to make life easier and more comfortable and becoming more and more an integral part of our work and business. Computers and the internet have conquered our homes and offices and digitalization will only increase the impact of technology on mankind in the years to come.

Large companies develop new digital technologies but when they put them to work for their clients the best solution is to outsource such tasks to a specialist who can deliver them in the most efficient and cost effective way by leveraging economies of scale. Since the very beginning, Solutions 30 aims at being the best specialist in Europe.


For the women and men at Solutions 30, our customers’ complete satisfaction is our priority and our purpose. Our group’s commitment is reiterated every day through our engineers’ direct contact with end customers, making technology and digital equipment accessible to all.

Our never-ending quest for customer satisfaction has produced a quality charter reflecting the values that we endeavor to demonstrate every day.